Russell Haworth


Russell Haworth is a technology focused CEO, with a proven track record of growing businesses with new products in new markets. His specialism is optimising the intersect of data, cloud and machine learning for SaaS products

Haworth has a successful track record of growing businesses across multiple sectors – ranging from FinTech to Cyber Security by leveraging software, information and data analytics. He was previously CEO of Nominet, the UK internet domain registry and cyber security company.  Prior to this, Haworth spent 14 years at Thomson Reuters working in multiple continents including North America, Asia and the Middle East. 

In addition to his extensive operational experience, he has a strong background in M&A, having worked on 30+ deals over his career. He says that this has given him some “Great insights on how to acquire and integrate businesses.”

Beyond the day job, Russell’s a non-executive board member and advisor to a number of tech industry firms. 

He’s a father of two teenage boys and is a strong advocate of internet safety and has supported multiple charities to tackle this challenge. 

A keen mountain biker and golfer, he’s more likely to spend his weekends driving his boys to sports matches than getting to enjoy his sports first hand.