Founder , Cantab Capital & Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust

Ewan Kirk is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and Founder of Cantab Capital Partners.

For over 30 years, Ewan has been involved in ventures aiming to commercialise and leverage technology, science, and mathematics research in business, philanthropy, and academia. He is the Chairman and a founding investor of DeepTech Labs, an accelerator focused on building deep technology companies. In recent years, he has also invested in a number of UK-based technology startups.

Most known for founding Cantab Capital Partners, widely regarded as one of the leading quantitative investment companies in the UK, he grew the business from a team of 2 with £30m AUM to 60 people with £4.5bn AUM between 2006-2016. The business was acquired by GAM Investments in 2016, and Ewan went on to serve as CEO of the newly formed GAM Systematic Cantab.

He previously headed up Goldman Sachs’ quantitative technology group and was responsible for leading a group of over 120 mathematicians, scientists and statisticians testing systematic investment strategies.

He is also the Chair of the Management Committee of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. In 2007, he founded the Turner Kirk Trust, a multi-million-pound foundation that supports STEM, education and conservation causes worldwide.