The winners have been announced. Congratulations to those who were shortlisted, highly commended and crowned winners!

The Management Today Business Leadership Awards are the only awards that recognise the role of leadership in driving business performance – and that see leadership as a team pursuit. 

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Company Awards

Best global expansion

No matter where they are headquartered, businesses entering this category should be able to

demonstrate that they have expanded their operations into new territories recently, providing details of

the rationale behind their move, the logistics of operating in a new market, the financial results they

have seen and the alignment of their expansion with their long term business strategy.

Best Growth Initiative

Organic growth can seem hard to locate amidst macroeconomic turbulence, but this award recognises

businesses that have grown through their ingenuity and persistence. Entrants should outline the

strategic and practical steps they took to grow their business, the challenges they overcame and,

importantly, the financial results that demonstrate the wisdom of their decision-making.

Best Acquisition or Merger

M&A activity is notoriously hard to get right – beyond the mechanics of the deal itself is an array of

potential pitfalls that see many (if not most) mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the expected

value. Judges in the category will be looking for evidence of an M&A deal that has delivered across

multiple fronts – financial performance, cultural fit between the parties involved, and better outcomes

for employees, customers and other stakeholders. Entries can come from any or all of the parties

involved in a deal.

DE&I Workplace of the Year

How your employees experience issues of diversity and inclusion is intimately linked to your corporate

culture. This award recognises businesses who have genuinely made inclusion part of everyday

working life. Judges will be looking for evidence of positive action to improve equality across the

business, backed by hard evidence from employees themselves – in terms of improved

representation, measurable employee data and the experiences of individuals.

Best CEO leadership on ESG

Change comes from the top – but while most leaders are happy to discuss the centrality of ESG to

their business models, relatively few are actively championing change. This award will go to a CEO

who can demonstrate through both their words and, crucially, their decision-making that they

understand how important ESG goals are to their business and are happy to be actively judged by

their performance in this area.

Best CEO leadership on DE&I

This award is for a CEO who has made DE&I matters central to their strategy, and to their own

measures of success. To claim the award, they should be able to point to actions they have

undertaken that have led to measurable change in their own organisation, and demonstrate how the

tone for these changes has been set by their own values, by role-modelling the right behaviours,

communicating clearly with key stakeholders and being answerable for embedding inclusion at all

levels of the organisation.

Best sustainability initiative

All progressive businesses recognise the threat climate change poses to their own future, and this award is designed to recognise companies that are making real progress in embedding sustainability into their business models. Entrants will need to provide details of the work they’re doing, what changes they have implemented and what impact this is having on the environment. Judges will look for evidence that a commitment to sustainability is embedded right across the business’s operations.

Best use of innovation in business

Businesses must constantly do new, different, smarter or better things if they are to thrive in a competitive market. This award will recognise organisations that have put effective and inspirational innovation at the heart of what they do – whether that means creating groundbreaking new products or services, rethinking their fundamental approach to their operations or entering completely new markets. Entrants must be able to demonstrate business growth and (where appropriate) market impact as well as clearly articulating how and why they innovated. 

Long term business success

This award recognises consistently brilliant performance, allied to a long-term business strategy. Judges will be looking for businesses with a proven track record of growth that can be measured in decades; entrants should outline the history of their company but also how this continues to influence their strategy in the present day, as well as details of their financial performance over time.

CEO of the Year

To win this coveted award, a CEO should be able to demonstrate excellent performance against multiple criteria – financial, reputational, employee engagement – balanced with a clarity of leadership in the vision they communicate with employees and markets. Judges will look for a leader with a clearly articulated strategy and the evidence that it has helped deliver for the business. 


Best leadership – sector awards

Each of these awards recognises the quality of leadership in an organisation in the broadest sense of

the word. The winners will be organisations who are defined by their clarity of purpose, dedication to

doing business the right way, powerful communication and empowerment of individuals. Entrants

should explain how they define their purpose and values, how this aligns with their business strategy

and how this has led to measurable success – which could include through financial performance,

employee engagement, customer satisfaction or rapid expansion. Judges will be looking for

organisations which demonstrate leadership at every level but which, crucially, can make a clear link

between these behaviours and their strong performance.


Banking and financial services


Manufacturing, construction and engineering

Energy, utilities and telecoms



Business services inc media

Public sector

Pharma and healthcare

Food, beverage and FMCG

Recreation and leisure